Operational & Technology Advisory Services

Large firms will routinely employ a Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). mercanix provides a blend of these roles to small and mid-sized Law Firms and Manufacturers on an as-needed basis.

We have over 25 years of experience across numerous industries including manufacturing, financial services, technology, government, utilities, healthcare and legal. On Demand means we’re available when you need us, but disappear when you don’t.

  • Operational, Work Practice & Technology Reviews
  • Opportunities & Risks Reports
  • Roadmaps for Operational & Technology Upgrades
  • Vendor Research, Analysis & Recommendations
  • Technology Due Diligence
  • Hardware & Software Purchase Negotiations
  • Vendor/Supplier/Project Management
  • Installation & Deployment Management
  • Training

Any of These Questions Sound Familiar?

How do can we deal with the explosion of information we now have to reference? How do we move toward a paperless office? How can we let people work from home when they want? How do we improve our productivity without frustrating our older Partners? How do we create an environment that entices younger lawyers? How do we get our fee flexibility in line with our Client’s expectations? 

As a Partner, you know what questions you have and what needs to be addressed. But understanding these issues from a practitioners perspective and knowing what technology to implement and how to implement it, are wholly different things. 

Developing and executing a technology plan that creates opportunities for your firm and its people requires a unique skill set. We have that skill set and we have a special gift for working with demanding, high performing lawyers with limited technology expertise. 

We can help you build a roadmap to help you get from where you are, to where you need to be, in a way that minimizes disruption and is dictated by your ability to absorb change effectively. 

Our Experience Includes:

  • Analytics, Dashboarding & Reporting
  • Backup, Archiving & Storage
  • Billing & Matter Management
  • Custom Software Development (Cloud, Mobile, etc.)
  • DevOps for Cloud Solutions
  • Email & Document Management
  • Hardware Selection, Configuration & Installation
  • Mobile Device Configuration
  • Networking & Remote Access
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Saas Operations, Subscriptions & Billing
  • Security
  • Website/Content Management
“Over the past 3 years mercanix has given us true technology guidance. They listened carefully to our needs then helped us by researching, selecting and implementing technology with input from our firm members. The well matched technology has improved our firm’s productivity, flexibility and responsiveness, while reducing the amount of paper we have to produce, manage and store. mercanix has helped us adopt technology in phases and at a pace that made our users comfortable, introducing both the technology and training gradually over time, enabling us to absorb change without any disruptions. I can highly recommend mercanix.”
Partner - Viner, Kennedy, Frederick, Allan & Tobias


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