Organizational Waste

Organizational Waste shouldn’t need an introduction; it’s everywhere. In fact, it’s so prevalent in our enterprises that we’ve either come to expect it, or we’ve become oblivious through exposure.

Whatever the case, this creeping monster is stealing our time, energy and effectiveness at work. The first step to doing something about it is to understand what it is and how pervasive it can be.

Anyone familiar with the Lean manufacturing or Lean management movements will recognize the following:


Your enterprise’s capacity to get things done, is constrained by the amount of waste that exists in your operations. If you want to increase your capacity, without increasing the number of people you employ, then decreasing your level of waste is one of the first places you should look.


The Big Five

There are almost an infinite number of ways waste can manifest itself in your operations. We’ll focus on the top 5 types of waste we can find volumes of credible evidence for:

  1. Unproductive/Unnecessary Meetings

  2. Ambiguous Priorities

  3. Distractions & Information Overload

  4. Disorganization

  5. Management Deficiencies

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