Mike Tobias, Founder & President

Mike is a serial technology entrepreneur who has been inventing and building web-based software products since 1994. He is an accomplished leader and CEO, has lectured at Queen’s University’s School of Commerce and Science and Technology MBA, and has researched and written extensively on High Performance Organizations and Teams. Some of his most recent writing can be found on the mercanix blog.

Mike has lead the development teams that have created and delivered over 1,000 cloud-based solutions since 1994 for companies which include:

  • AGF

  • Air Miles/LoyaltyOne

  • Assante Financial Services

  • Bank of Montreal

  • Canada Trust

  • CIBC Wood Gundy

  • Dundee Wealth Management

  • Dynamic Mutual Funds

  • EuroRSCG

  • IBM

  • Investment Dealers Association

  • LifeMark Health

  • Volvo

He also lead the company and product team for ember.HeatShield, a Risk and Compliance Management platform, which had among it’s most notable customers:

  • Canaccord

  • Microsoft

  • Oncor

  • Scotiabank

Mike sold the .HeatShield product line to Ethicspoint, a Risk and Compliance company headquartered in Portland, Oregon in 2011.

mercanix was founded by Mike in 2011, and he has invented mercanix’s first products, beacon, and mot-r, and has been the lead Product Manager, visionary and designer as well as leading our Technology Advisory team.


Michelle Sherbino, VP Managed Services

With over 20 years in IT service delivery and new market development, Michelle has spent the last 5 years working and speaking on behalf of training organizations around the world.  Business process improvement and service delivery to internal and external stakeholders has been at the heart of every conference and workshop.

Prior to racking up the air miles and exhausting her vocal cords, Michelle spent time on the dark side, as the VP of Operations with ember – helping to marshal software development and design resources to deliver industry leading business applications for a variety of clients – from financial institutions to healthcare clinics and loyalty management firms. She’s “back with the band”, working with mercanix to extend our market reach.


Bill Buddle, VP Application Development

Bill is also an ember alum, and has worked with Mike and Michelle over a 20 year period delivering thousands of cloud-based application projects. Bill has been an active developer since 1998 while taking on increasingly more senior team, project, and client management responsibilities.

Before his return to working with the mercanix team, Bill lead 4 development teams as Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect and Delivery Manager for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and most recently supported 2000 PwC Tax professionals in an Enterprise Architecture role.


Charles Plant, Chairman 

I’ve spent most of my working life helping companies implement strategy. Almost all of that however was helping them improve company processes through computerization. One day it hit me that no matter what I did, if the company culture wasn’t right, if leadership was ineffective or if employees were not engaged, all of my work on process went for naught.

I finally decided that if I really wanted to help companies get the results they expect, I had to target the one thing that was holding them back: people. So began this journey, to end the misery of overwhelmed employees, the tyranny of bad leadership, and the torment of toxic cultures.

I find it only slightly ironic that after working all my life to improve process that I have found that the best way to improve leadership and to make sure strategy is properly executed is through the adoption of processes. Go figure.

In a career spanning over 30 years I’ve coached, trained, or consulted to over 1,000 managers. Trained as a Chartered Accountant and a banker with an MBA in marketing, I’ve been an officer, director or investor in a dozen technology companies.

I spent four years at MaRS ending as CFO but most of it heading up a group of former entrepreneurs and specialists who provided education, mentorship, market intelligence and capital to over 2,000 technology startups in Ontario.

Some years prior to MaRS I spent 15 years as co founder and CEO of Synamics, a telecommunications software firm that provided mass calling platforms to telcos.

Among several other jobs in management consulting, venture capital and investment banking, I spent seven years on the faculty of York’s Schulich School of Business teaching Management Accounting of all things to MBAs. I am now teaching strategy execution at the University of Toronto.