Consulting Partner Overview

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We continuously look for Consulting Professionals who have a demonstrated expertise in Performance Transformations and/or Turnarounds. We do this through web searches and cross-referenced LinkedIn profiles. If we see a fit between your expertise and experience and ours, we'll reach out to try to introduce ourselves. It is not our intention to bother you, so please accept our sincere apologies if we have erred in our assessment of fit. You can click on the Unsubscribe link in our email so we don't bother you again.]


mercanix works with a growing network of Consulting Partners around the world to deploy beacon and embed the high performance, evidence-based management practices proven to support superior enterprise results.

Simply put, beacon helps people and their teams answer the following questions anytime and anywhere:

  • What are we trying to achieve?

  • How are we measuring progress?

  • What am I accountable for?

  • Who else is working with me?

  • How are we doing?

  • Who needs my help?

Consulting Partners and mercanix generate additional revenue for each other by referring work, creating incremental Consulting opportunities and providing additional annuity licensing revenues to Consultants.

The perfect engagement is typically, but not always, characterized by the following attributes:

  • Performance Transformation or Turnaround scenario

  • CEO, COO or CFO entry point

  • 50 employees minimum to 2,000 (either unit or enterprise)

  • Recent inflection point - leadership or ownership change, significant “miss”, strategy change, market upheaval


Your consulting practice can deliver more value deploying beacon with your Clients by:

  • Broadening the number of people you can access and support in each enterprise

  • Scaling the number of Clients you can manage effectively

  • Deepening your understanding of their strategy execution and operational challenges

  • Adapting and responding quickly to new opportunities to help

Clients derive more value by:

  • Executing strategy more effectively through better focus, alignment and accountability

  • Reducing the organizational waste from mismatched tools and practices

  • Real-time status and reporting on strategy execution

  • Enhancing their ability to sense and respond to changing conditions


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