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Turbocharging Enterprise Agility

boost-r by mercanix is a cloud-based software application specifically designed for supporting scalable enterprise agility.

What does that mean? It means no matter how fast you’re growing or how large you are, you can still act with a combination of discipline and agility to boost your performance.

Why Agility?

As organizations grow, they tend to get gripped by a combination of process and rigidity. It's understandable since this approach enables enterprises to produce consistent, reliable results. But when it comes time to focus on improvements, growth and renewal, these processes and the rigidity can stop progress from occurring. Enterprises need a way to inject energy, innovation and adaptability to their improvement efforts for their short-term benefit and long-term viability.

boost-r can provide the support for improvement and innovation efforts without compromising the hard-won discipline of the organization.


The Big Benefits

Performance improvements can come more easily with boost-r because it enables you and your people to quickly and easily:

  1. Step outside your current operating box with a fresh, evidence-based approach

  2. Engage your most willing people - from wherever they are in the organization

  3. Drive improved performance with focused, effective and transparent teams, flexibly working around organizational bottlenecks




boost-r is a cloud-based application that requires only a modern mobile or desktop browser. You can get started using our on-boarding wizard in under 15 minutes.


Create & Share Opportunities

Define and share the biggest performance improvement opportunities with as few or as many people in your organization as you like.


Invite Others to the Movement

Quickly invite others to your team or encourage them to build a supporting initiative and team to deliver on the improvement opportunity in their own way.


Define and Monitor Measures

Create, share, update and monitor the measures by which you are tracking your progress and watch as other teams report on their activity.


Keep Synchronized Seamlessly

Everyone will have access to activities that are published publicly so they can keep up-to-date with a quick review of the home screen.


Develop New Insights

Understanding what opportunities are being pursued, the progress being made, and what challenges are being encountered means support can be provided where it is needed most and lessons shared from across all opportunities and traditional boundaries.



To arrange a demo or an in-depth discussion about how boost-r works, please contact us using the form below. Thanks for your interest.

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