The Way We're Working Isn't Working

I have to admit I'm a sucker for a good bibliography and notes sections in a book. The first thing I do when I grab a business text is to scan the notes and bibliography to see what research the author draws from. This provides me a snapshot of the direction of their work, as well as potentially new and interesting research I haven't read.

When I picked up The Way We're Working Isn't Working a few weeks back, I really liked the bibliography because it showed primary research I have seen referenced before in a few other (good) books. But this book seemed to be using it in a different way/context; and sure enough it does.


I love this book. The first chapter title totally resonated with me, (More and More, Less and Less) and typifies how enterprises have somehow forgotten that actual people drive their success and not multi-tasking, data-hoovering, automatons who don't have lives to live outside of work.

The authors, Tony Schwartz, Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy do a bang-up job explaining the theory and science behind improving enterprise performance using a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.

Our Core Needs:

Significance - Spirit
What I stand for and believe in - what gives me a sense of meaning

Self-Expression - Mind
Freedom to develop and express my unique skills and talent

Security - Emotions
Feeling appreciated, cared for, valued for who I am and what I do

Sustainability - Body
Being able to regularly renew and take care of myself, so I'm healthy, fit and resilient

Material needs and desires

To many, these ideas are going to seem "fluffy" or "touchy feely" or that Schwartz and his coauthors are stretching the applicability of this science a bit too far. I would wholeheartedly disagree. Look around and observe. Out-dated management practices are everywhere and people's precious time is being squandered because of it.


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