Now There's Something I Didn't Expect

PredictablyIrrationalDrive2.jpgMaybe you're like me. Or maybe I'm about to disclose yet another freakish personality trait...but I like to read several books at once. My group of books typically includes 2-4 business-focused books plus a fiction, plus one spiritually focused book (primarily Buddhism-related or ancient philosophy). In the past couple years I've also noticed I've been adding a neuroscience/behavioural science tome into the mix.

If you've been counting, that means I'm regularly bouncing among 7-ish books. The reason is twofold: I'm too impatient to wait until I'm finished one book before moving to the next; and I like the interplay of ideas created when reading multiple books.

I've been carrying on this process for about 20 years. I've read some great books, and I've read a pile of garbage. Every once in a while, two or more books will strike me as having a great synergy. Surprisingly, this just happened with Predictably Irrational and Drive.

I say surprisingly because I wasn't expecting much from Daniel Pink's new book Drive. As I've mentioned before, I was a little let down by his last book, A Whole New Mind. I'm sure it was a good book, but it didn't resonate with me in any way. It seemed too superficial to get my attention. So, I was completely taken aback when Drive was an absolute grand-slam of a book for me. I say for "me," because it really depends on when you read a book - what stage or period of your life. You can have completely different assessments of the book if you are receptive to the message or unreceptive at that particular point in your life.

I loved these books together because they both attack (in their own way), the gap between what science tells us about people and organizational behaviour, and what people and organizations  actually do. Great stuff. Very different writing styles, but both very appropriate for the subject matter. These both might just vault onto my top 25 list...check them out.

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