You DIDN'T Have Me At Hello: Social Enterprise Software

I like Dion Hinchcliffe's column on Enterprise Web 2.0. I don't always agree with him, and that's good. He always has an interesting perspective. I urge you to check his work out if this kind of thing interests you (just one example):


But you'll need to excuse me for a moment while I rant ever-so-slightly.

A whole pile of the software that Dion and many others write about are technology in search of a problem to solve. Sure, there's a lot to admire when playing with these Twitter-like, Facebook-like or Google App-like applications. Down to the very last one, they all contain some interesting piece of technology. And perhaps some of them have a clever incremental, beachhead-building roll-out strategy where the real value is yet to be unveiled...and maybe I'm a couple sandwiches short of a picnic...

But I can't find the PROBLEM they are solving?

Or what VALUE they are trying to provide?

Or what OUTCOME are they trying to bring about?

Just for fun, pick a few of the 70+ "vendors" now in the "Social" Enterprise software space and see if you can actually tell what business/individual/world problem they are aiming to solve? Isn't that why we're supposed to be inventing software in the first place?

I's gotta be me. Usually is.


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