"Social Business?" WTF?

This one cracks me up. Yes, I'm aware that "marketing" types love to attach themselves to catchy, hip phrases to get attention for the products they work on and companies they work for, but this one is pee-inducing. "Social" business. ROFL.

Are these people 10-years old? Actually, my 10 year-old daughter wouldn't even use such a phrase. She knows better. When exactly did business stop being a social enterprise and start being a "Social Enterprise?"

This will have to be put right up there with other idiotic marketing references like "viral videos." This reeks of a trend of glossing-over the fact that your cutting-edge technology solution isn't really a solution to any real problem, it's just technology looking for a buyer who is a sheep. Hate to break it to you technology developers and marketers...that's not a good strategy. If I need to explain why...well, then you're pooched.

Probably just me though...haven't had my second coffee yet.

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