Did We "Launch" Yesterday?

Nope. We didn't "launch" yesterday.

We only have one excuse. We're not going to "launch" at all. We've decided to do our best to keep to the best practices espoused in the Lean Startup/Customer Development frameworks and start rolling-out the application first to a private beta group.

There was an excellent presentation I read the other day by one of the founders of Xobni, Matt Brezina. It is aptly entitled, No One Cares About Your Stupid Little Startup. In the presentation, Matt explains that Xobni (inbox spelled backwards), went through the following stages over a 3.5  year period:

Stealth - 1.5 years
Private Beta - 2 months
Nerd Scarcity - 3 months
Invite Beta - 3 months
Iteration - 3 months
Public Beta - 1 year
Exit Beta/GA (General Availability) - 3 months
Paid Drivers (Growth to Profitability) - 6 months

Could this be right? 3.5 years? Oh god, say it isn't so? So far, we're tracking exactly to their timing with our Stealth operation being 1.5 years old. Eeesh.

One step at a time, I guess. On to the Private Beta.




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