One Eye Left to Find the Way

Srikumar S. Rao is the author of another of my favourite books entitled, "Are Your Ready to Succeed?" There are tons of reasons to like this work, but I especially like that Rao is bringing together so many ancient sources of wisdom to apply to today's life experience. He's very quick to point out that none of the thinking is new - he's appropriated it from a wide variety of sources.

Especially in the technology-driven world where we operate, people tend to forget about history a little too quickly. Everything is focused on the "new", the "next...", but Rao does a very nice job of bringing us back to some fundamentals.

Here's one of my favourite passages:

A desperate young seeker banged on the door of the Master. "I want to be enlightened," he gasped when the Master answered. "If I stay as your disciple, how long will it take?"

The Master surveyed the young man. He had a strong physique, and the inner restlessness that drove him was almost palpable. A good candidate. "Ten years," said the Master.

The youth wilted, as if struck with an ax. For a few minutes he stood with head bowed, then he looked up. "If I work night and day," he asked fiercely, "if I do without sleep and do twice what your other disciples do, then how long will it take for me to become enlightened?"

"Twenty years," said the Master calmly. So perplexed was the youth and so earnest his demeanor that the sage relented and explained, "When you have one eye so firmly fixed on the goal, you have but one eye left to find the way."

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