Enterprise ADD Makes You FAT

Enterprise ADD? What is that?

It's a term I made up. But I'm sure it isn't original (see Sutton's Law).

Enterprise ADD is the same condition as ADD (or ADHD) that we've heard about for years relating to people having a hard time concentrating (among other things) and staying focused. From our viewpoint, many organizations we've worked within or with over the years seem to also display some of the most challenging symptoms of ADD as well.


If any of those symptoms rings true for an organization you've worked for or with, then they might have Enterprise ADD. And if they do, they likely have employees whose work-life balance is off (one study suggests between 60-66% of surveyed employees feel their life lacks balance). When you're working too much, you probably don't have enough time for yourself or your family. And the first thing that usually goes out the window when you're working too much is your workout regimen.

So Enterprise ADD = Loss of work-life balance = loss of workout time = extra personal mass.

Just say no to Enterprise ADD.

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