Forgive Me Father, It's Been 10 Years...

..since my last startup. 

Well, if you want to be precise, mercanix (mur-can-iks) is over a year old, so in truth it was 9 years between startups (and no, I haven't been lazing about - my 3rd startup is still active - so I've got a day job too). 

But now that we're almost ready to emerge from stealth mode, I must admit to some level of trepidation. Will all that Customer Development stuff we've worked through in the past year really pay off? Have we really learned the lessons from Lessons Learned? Will the "throng" of people who said they'd buy our application really plunk-down their hard-earned money (however nominal the price may be)? Can a killer dev team lead by a 40-something guy with heavy-duty enterprise experience adapt to the web 2.0 world, and all these crazy new channels?


We're going to find out very soon. We're down to the short-strokes...December 15th is fast approaching.

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