Management Sucks.

Leadership Rocks.


Nobody really wants to "manage" or to be "managed." It's bad for working conditions, morale, and performance. Leadership is the answer. But do you have the tools to help you make the upgrade from management to leadership, right across your organization? 

beacon, by mercanix is our effort to provide you those tools so people have the right information, context and support for unleashing their potential at work. 


What's in it for you? Firstly, better work conditions, less micromanaging, and fewer days filled with working hard to stay in the same place. Secondly, being able to go home knowing you made progress on important things and were a good colleague at work. And that's just a start.

You don't have to know or understand all the evidence-based leadership science, positive psychology and neuroscience behind effective leadership to make the transition, because we've built the most important pieces into our technology already.

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