The Transformation & Turnaround Problem


“Most strategies deliver only 63% of their potential financial performance. And more than one-third of executives surveyed placed the figure at less than 50%.”1

“In fact, more than 70 percent of (Transformation) failures are driven by what we would categorize as poor organizational health, as manifested in such symptoms as negative employee attitudes and unproductive management behaviour.”2

There’s plenty of evidence to tell us where the gap between strategy and performance exists. And yet, most enterprises don’t seem capable of adopting the changes that are required to drive change. 


Increase Capacity & Performance by Reducing Waste

So how do you avoid this kind of waste killing your Program effectiveness? Part of the solution is to upgrade your tools. 

By reducing wasteful practices and replacing them with high performance practices your capacity to mobilize change increases substantially. And that means both your own waste as a Transformation leader as well as those you are leading.

Using the right tools for these programs means that people are exposed to new information and can adopt new practices just by virtue of their use.


beacon is a purpose-built, Performance Transformation tool, that provides a lightweight, “just enough” platform for you and your team to define, measure, communicate, update, manage and learn from your Turnaround/Transformation initiatives over time without all the sludge of mismatched practices and tools.

beacon ensures that each person involved in the Turnaround/Transformation understands:

  • What they are Accountable for
  • How they are being Measured
  • What Timeframes are involved
  • What Outcomes are Required
  • What Actions have/have not been taken


High Velocity Iterations

Effective change happens in iterative, incremental loops involving more and more people and instilling higher levels of discipline and precision. beacon supports that process while limiting the waste introduced by highly manual, document-centric practices. There is no room for error in high velocity Turnaround situations, so beacon is a real-time, centralized, cloud-based repository with all the data you need to succeed and none of the waste of spreadsheets, documents, emails and presentation software.



How Exactly Does beacon Work?

Clear Direction, Precise Measurement & Enterprise-wide Transparency

Quickly and easily define, share and collaborate around the enterprise's most important strategic Objectives and Key Results; across the company, or only with the leaders you designate.


Consistency, Discipline & Accountability

Consistently capturing the right data ensures everyone can understand, support and collaborate with the highest levels of effectiveness.


Single-source, Real-time Progress Data

Each Key Result can be updated quickly with just a few keystrokes and is instantly updated and used in the calculation of real-time results across the enterprise.


Context, Coordination & (just enough) Control

Developing effective plans is accomplished much more easily when you understand the context of your work and others around you. Coordinating multiple parties simultaneously is made possible when you each act on a single source of interdependent Objectives and Key Results.


Fat-free & Focused Communication

Simple communication and tracking tools ensure any personal updates and change history details are available to everyone related. No searching through emails or documents. It's all contextually presented and summarized in real-time.


Bottom-up, Top-down & Edge-to-Edge Input

Working within the context of the Company-wide Objectives & Key Results means Teams & Individuals can have the flexibility and autonomy without sacrificing connectedness or effectiveness. By working from an organically-built plan, everyone can support the rest of the organization in their own way.


Distributed & Disciplined Scalability

No matter how far apart your teams and people are, you can understand what is being worked on by the people you are connected to and the progress that is being made toward both your individual Key Results, and your Team's and Company's.


Focused Execution & Sure-fire Hand-offs

Individuals can focus on those items that are most important, with full assurance that they are supporting and working within the Company-wide plan. And when it's time to enlist the assistance of others on your team, handing the item over happens without delay or being dropped.


From Traditional Hierarchy to Lattice & All Points Between

Organizational structure and design can evolve over time without losing any history, learning, or your people in the process. This includes supporting the waypoints between where you are now organizationally, and your ultimate destination.


Enterprise-wide Sense & Respond Support

When you have a single, real-time view of all enterprise activity being taken to further your vision, you can quickly sense and respond to changes in events, your market, and the needs of your people.


Relationship-based Updates & Summaries

From a single screen, all of the activity that has taken place in the enterprise that relates to you is summarized for quick access, comprehension and action.