"Great Ideas are a Dime a Dozen. Only Execution Counts."


Every well-run business, like Barrday, understands the key processes that make it successful. Much of the time, these processes are codified in documents and drawings.

Unfortunately, this approach can impede the widespread and consistent deployment of these processes and make learning from them and refining them even more difficult.


mot-r, by mercanix, strives to bring these key processes to life so they can be applied and improved over time through an easy-to-implement, cloud-based software platform.

This works especially well for processes that are complex due to a one or more of the following conditions:

  • A high volume of the same process occurring at the same time
  • A large number of people required to execute the process
  • Widespread geographical distribution of process participants 
  • Large impact on Earnings

We look forward to demonstrating mot-r for Barrday, and getting your feedback on how mot-r could help you execute your key processes more effectively.