A little about mercanix

mercanix is a spin-off of a 12 year-old enterprise software company in Toronto named ember ec3 inc.; both of which were founded by serial technology entrepreneur Mike Tobias and brought to life with long-time team members and collaborators. ember has developed and sold products to clients that include: IBM, Microsoft, Bank of Nova Scotia, Volvo, AGF, Bank of Montreal, Air Miles and Intel.

We built mercanix to scratch our own itch. That is, we wanted to continue to evolve as a company with our management and operational practices but kept feeling like we were being held back by our tools. So when we built what became beacon, we wanted to share it with other organization’s who might be feeling the same way.

"Leaders often have the most positive impact when they help build systems where the actions of a few powerful and magnificently skilled people matter least. Perhaps the best way to view leadership is as the task of architecting organizational systems, teams, and cultures – as establishing the conditions and preconditions for others to succeed." Pfeffer & Sutton, Dangerous Half-Truths About Managing People

We hope it helps you and your team realize your potential.

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