About mercanix

We are part business mechanics and part software tool and die makers. And we use these skills and capabilities to help people and organizations to Work Smarter and Go Home Happier.

Our products and services incorporate a blend evidence-based leadership science, positive psychology and neuroscience, to create the conditions and preconditions for people to succeed at work.

We believe that the only real competitive advantage that a company can uniquely sustain is the ability to "be better at getting better," than anyone else in your market. Simply put, we believe that requires you to treat your people as assets and ensure they:

  • Work together to pursue widely understood goals
  • Have the right blend of responsibility and autonomy
  • Execute and deliver consistently and effectively
  • Understand where things stand at all times
  • Feel respected and supported

In an era where we have a surplus of technology and yet dwindling effectiveness, productivity and engagement, we have a lot of work ahead of us.