When a market or industry changes significantly, working harder doing the same old things ceases to be the smart approach. When less skilled and experienced competitors are routinely taking your clients, it's time to look at operations and implement changes.

mercanix is a services and software company focused on helping organization's move to low-waste knowledge work that delivers more value to your clients' while improving quality of service.


mercanix Software

mot-r workflow for NetDocuments

mot-r service for Legal Service Requests

mot-r creator for NetDocuments

mot-r connect Cloud-to-Cloud NetDocuments API as a Service

mot-r loader High-volume Importer for NetDocuments

Services & 3rd Party Technology

  • Operations & Technology Infrastructure Reviews

  • Technology Due Diligence

  • Hardware and Software Implementations & Training

  • Custom Software Development & Integration

  • Managed Services Application Infrastructure & Support